Best Online Cross Browser Testing Tools (Free and Paid)

BrowserStack is a paid tool, but it does provide a free trial. You will receive 30 minutes of live testing, 100 minutes of automated testing, and 100 screenshots for free. Paid users can test their locally hosted websites too.

Browsershots is an absolutely free tool for testing a website for cross-browser compatibility. Unlike other tools, it doesn’t have any live testing feature, only you can request screenshots of your website design. You can submit your website or webpage URL from the home page by selecting different operating systems and browsers (as seen below).

CrossBrowserTesting is an another best web-based tool for testing a website across 1500+ real desktop and mobile browsers. You can test with various methods such as live testing, automated testing, and local testing. The tool can automatically generate screenshots of a website across various browsers, and you can compare them side-by-side.
CrossBrowserTesting is a paid tool, but it does provide free trial of 7-day.

The good thing about Browserling is it offered a lifetime free plan to all users with limited browser testing. Anyone can immediately test a website across various browsers from the home page, without login and sign up. Quickly switch to older and latest versions of web browsers with just a click. is a service that runs applications instantly in a web browser, without requiring installation. Browser Sandbox is one of the applications. The  sandbox application can run various web browsers online, so users can test a website compatibility easily across various, old/latest web browsers.

Unlike other tools, Browsera didn’t support live cross-browser testing. You can only submit a URL of a website or webpage, and the tool will automatically detect and report designing/scripting problems, such as layout differences, JavaScript errors, etc.


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